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I'm a sustainability-focused industrial designer based in Helsinki. Skilled in crafting beautiful products that fulfill real needs. I bring a practical, can-do attitude to every project, aiming to shape the world through thoughtful solutions.  

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Parametric communal bench design. A shared winner in a competition by City of Helsinki. Utilizes flexible manufacturing to create a highly customizable design.

The brief of the competition asked for a bench that can be adapted to different neighbourhoods of Helsinki while being recognisable as the new “city bench”. The bench had to go beyond the regular park bench and create a sense of communality or have interactive elements to it. Koro is not only a single bench design, but a set of parameters which can be used to create a diverse collection of benches with the same construction.

The structure is created by CNC-bent steel pipe and wooden bars which are attached together with a consistent joint. The production method allows effective manufactury of varying shapes. The parametric design allows the silhouette to be varied to suit different locations and uses such as sunbathing, casual sitting, picnics, remote working and so on.


Joy aims to bring the sense of excitement to urban transportation. It has an unique lean to steer geometry, which creates a fun, cruising type riding experience with a sideways stance. The geometry of the vehicle allows the most simple folding mechanism – just one pivot for both steering and folding. This makes the construction sturdy enough for a stable an reliable ride.

I wanted to challenge the electric scooter and turn it into something more fun and street credible. The concept is based on having only one pivot point which is used for both steering and folding the scooter. This can be done by making the steering angle way slacker than normally and leaning to steer. The end result is a cruiser type scooter which is as durable as a bicycle or a nonfoldable scooter would be. I didn’t want to take the safe road of merely styling the conventional scooter, but instead come up with something new.

Creating the final working and functional prototype took a lot of work and steps to get there. Sketches, 3d-models, mockups, quick functional proto. In the end it was all worth it for the joy of testing the transportation device designed and built with my own hands.


The brief from Suunto was to make the display system modular. The previous system was very inefficient to produce and didn’t allow stores to have much choice on how to display the products. The system didn’t allow changing chargers either so when new watch models had to be displayed it meant either getting a new display or DIY solutions from the shops. All of these problems and more were to be solved in a display system that is cost-effective, good looking and true to the Suunto values.

As a freelance designer I worked out the level of modularity that was suitable for the problem with sketches and models. The project was a surprisingly complex puzzle since the design had to solve a myriad of issues at once. Along the process I created concept images to communicate the design to Suunto, the retail manufacturer and also the design engineers creating the technical drawings.

The modular display line-up allows for many different configurations. Smaller shops and bigger chain stores can use the components to suit their needs.


In our abundant society, more and more people are fascinated by alternative lifestyles that share the "less is more" philosophy. Some prefer small dwellings and like only owning the bare essentials. Relevant items such as favorite clothes are gladly displayed as a part of home decoration.

Vartti is a minimal, quarter arc shaped garment rack that can be expanded: one can be placed in a corner of the room, two can be joined in a semicircle against the wall, and four can be assembled into a circular version. The garments are beautifully presented while it can also fit more clothes than a regular straight rack of similar dimensions.

The modularity makes the product efficient to manufacture and transport. The structure consists of two simple steel pipe components, cork endcaps and a connecting component used for joining one Vartti to another. The product and the materials used in it are durable and ecological. The product fits in a small package for transport, as the leg detaches from the arc.


At an excursion to the skirt of nature you sometimes find yourself looking for a place to rest. Finding a pleasant location feels delightful. The element that draws you in can be as simple as a nice looking formation, smooth texture or a pleasant shade.

Kids look at the world with different eyes. For them the same resting place can look like a fun place to play in. A place can have different meanings for different people.

We created Spotti because we felt the best places don’t tell people how to behave. Instead people can give it their own meaning. This is why we think Spotti will be an inviting place for the new Pasila residents.

Janne Pärssinen & Tony Yau

Studio Janne Pärssinen

I'm a sustainability-focused industrial designer based in Helsinki. Skilled in crafting beautiful products that fulfill real needs. I bring a practical, can-do attitude to every project, aiming to shape the world through thoughtful solutions.

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